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Internship or graduation project Electrical Engineering DDE

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Quick Facts


The objective of the proposed internship or graduation project is to design and develop dredging equipment, and their electrical components, instrumentation and controls.

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The objective of the proposed internship or graduation project is to design and develop dredging equipment, and their electrical components, instrumentation and controls.


Dredging equipment is subject to harsh conditions. Exposure to maritime, saline environments is already demanding for most steel structures. In addition, the dredging process itself and the way the equipment is operated and maintained pose extra challenges to the design of the equipment.

Damen Dredging Equipment (DDE) designs and builds standardized product ranges of dredging equipment, as well as customized solutions designed to the client’s needs. A typical dredging vessel consists of a floating steel construction with highly loaded mechanical static and rotating equipment. The supporting systems (e.g. hydraulical, electrical, HVAC, fuel oil, cooling water, bilge and waste water and control systems) have to be integrated as well. Furthermore the design shall comply with all relevant Class Rules and International Standards.

Projects envisaged to be carried out in the near future are a.o.:

  • Remote control and data acquisition solutions for dredgers, booster stations and production measurement units, e.g. for after sales purposes
  • Design of Class compliant electrical systems on board of dredgers
  • Design of power distribution and (automated) controls of electrical driven dredge pumps
  • Design of (parts of) an operating desk for a dredging simulator
  • Optimization of product related documentation of our product range of dredging instrumentation

Details of above projects can be elaborated in a job interview with the candidate.


An internship or graduation project typically consists of the following activities and results. These requirements are pending specific test objectives, and terms defined by the educational programme: 

  • Literature study
  • Design and run analytical models of physical processes (by Matlab, MathCAD,…)
  • Negotiations with the supplier of components which are to be used
  • Discussing the design with other departments, such as Purchase and Work Preparation
  • Hardware design using E-Plan and possibly (assist with) coordination of fabrication 
  • Software design for PLC and HMI systems (Siemens) or PC based systems (Windows)
  • Coordination and execution of tests at our production facilities, in the Netherlands or abroad
  • Reporting and demonstrations to stakeholders within the project
  • Taking responsibility for your own project management.


  • Bachelor or Master student in Electrical Engineering, Industrial Automation or Energy Technology;
  • Autonomous, practically and result driven. Good communication skills;
  • Good command of Dutch and English.

Project offerings

The project will preferably be carried out at the DDE yard location in Nijkerk. A monthly allowance will be paid for the duration of the assignment. In addition, a temporary accommodation or compensation for housing could be provided, if required. Flexible working hours can be discussed and proper mentoring at HBO or academic level will be available throughout the project.

Department Information

The Engineering department of Damen Dredging Equipment consists of seven teams, with five Mechanical Engineering product teams: trailing suction hopper systems, stationary cutter suction systems, dredging pumps, components, and specials, plus the instrumentation team and the documentation team. The product teams are managed by an engineering project leader (team leader) and operate independently. The Damen organisation is continuously working on the standardisation of its equipment and components. Standardisation provides a solid foundation for our engineering solutions. The fabrication of the stationary cutter suction systems and (parts of) components is carried out at our own shipyard, but also partly at other shipyards around the world.

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Claudia van der Burgh

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