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Graduation project R&D department Sound and Vibrations

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Quick Facts


At Damen, many efforts are put in getting silent and comfortable ships. In the design stage sound level predictions are made to judge the feasibility of the design. This of course asks for accurate prediction methods.

Aspects covered in these prediction methods are:

  • The prediction of structure borne as well as airborne excitation levels of diesel engines, gearboxes, generator sets, propellers, etc.
  • Predicting the dynamic response of the ship structure, such as the input mobility of the engine foundation and the transfer of vibrations through the ship structure.
  • Prediction of attenuations due to acoustic countermeasures, such as resilient mountings, floating floors, visco-elastic damping, additional absorption, etc.
  • Prediction of radiation of lining and absorption of the sound levels in the cabins.

Prediction methods always needs validation by means of measurements. For this purpose, use is made of advanced measurement equipment.

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The Project Engineer Research provides expert advice on the technical performance of ships to the relevant departments within the Damen group

Tasks & Responsibilities 

As an graduate at Damen, you will face several aspects in the field of sound and vibrations. It’s not only theory or practice, but the combination of theory with practice that leads to the best results.

Potential graduation projects can be:

  • Dynamic stiffness of stonewool and glasswool used in floating floors (Measurements and predictions)
  • Development of a semi-empirical prediction model for diesel engine airborne sound levels, structure-borne source levels and exhaust sound levels
  • Prediction model for HVAC sound levels in accommodation

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The perfect candidate is:

  • A HBO or University student Applied Physics / Maritime Technology;

  • A top class student;

  • Passionate about ships or shipbuilding;

  • Interested in the dynamics of complex systems;

  • Familiar with structure borne sound and air borne sound;

  • Capable of handling measurement uncertainties;

  • Independent, analytical and proactive;

  • Fluent in English (spoken and written).

Department Information

The Research & Development (R&D) department gives support to, and collaborates very closely with, the Damen business units and sister companies in the development of an innovative product portfolio. The R&D department aspires to critically check designs and concepts and to proactively give technical advices to improve quality and performance of the products and services. In addition there is a proactive collaboration with the Business Development, the Business Units, Services and the Repair & Conversion branch of the Damen Group. The R&D department has the goal to develop knowledge in all strategically relevant technical knowledge domains and to make it accessible to the relevant stakeholders. In these technical knowledge domains, Damen wants to be among the best in the world in order to stimulate innovation based on a sound technical knowledge and to contribute to product developments throughout the Damen Group. In this role the R&D department and especially the development teams critically follow the technological developments and act independently from the business units.

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Internship Coordinator


Carola Servaas

Internship Coordinator

+31 (0)183 65 57 97

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