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1 - 3 May 2017

Damen Business Experience 2017

Damen Business Experience is a unique opportunity for technical students to get to know themselves and Damen. It’s a great occasion to be part of the Damen family, to get to know yourself better and to find out what Damen can offer you!

The third edition of the Damen Business Experience will kick-off on the 1st of May 2017.

Would you like to know about DBE 2016? Watch the video below. 

Visit Damen Business Experience website for more information.

  • Employer Branding
    Sanne Dekker Employer Branding
  • Yannick van Moorsel Intern
    Yannick van Moorsel Intern
  • Lotte van Ditshuizen Graduate
    Lotte van Ditshuizen Graduate

Damen Shipayrds Gorinchem, Avelingen West 20, Gorinchem, The Netherlands