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Supporting and managing the many talented individuals that we have within Damen is essential. The key is to ensure that we always have the right person in the right job. In order to reach this goal, we continually invest in your development.

At Damen, there are no pre-determined career paths. From the first day that you join our company, you will have the freedom and responsibility to forge your own future direction. Whether you want to work in sales, design, project management or engineering, we will be there to help you discover and make the most of your abilities.

We will encourage you to develop that talent by coaching you both on the job and through programmes such as the Damen Traineeship, the Damen Leadership Development Programme, and the Damen Academy.

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  • Damen Traineeship

    Get off to a flying start! A Damen Traineeship is an excellent way to start a challenging career within the Damen Shipyards Group. During the course of this two-year traineeship you will further identify and explore your talents. Find out what you like best, challenges you the most and makes the biggest impact for Damen. During this adventurous journey we will support your professional and personal development while you discover our organization, performing in demanding and interesting projects and roles.

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  • Damen Leadership Development

    Craftsmanship, mastery and leadership lie at the heart of everything that Damen Shipyards does. We could not survive without the experienced experts, professionals, and leaders that promote our business throughout the world. We need them at every level, from experienced Sales Managers to top-level engineering Specialists and Yard Directors.

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  • Damen Academy

    Building, repairing and maintaining ships; it’s all about working with state-of-the-art technology and processes. Shipbuilding is an ideal environment for continuously working on your personal and professional development. That’s why we have established the Damen Academy for all Damen Shipyards employees.

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