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Health and Safety Graduation assignment (internship abroad)

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Quick Facts


As an intern at DSCH you will enjoy a dynamic and diverse work environment, with the opportunity to flourish and hone your skills. This practical experience will be like none other, as you simultaneously apply your health and safety knowledge, while exploring the ins and outs of a rich cultural setting.

Should you assume this internship position, you may opt to choose from the following three assignments:

Assignment 1: Safety Manual (Operational level)

As there is currently a gap between formal procedure and the reality on the work floor, you will be tasked with developing a manual for safety at the operational level. The manual should primarily focus on optimizing the system of daily and monthly safety checks (work permits, general safety checks, monthly maintenance of fire extinguishers, etc.). The manual must feature clear instructions, guidelines and regulations which will be used as a guide to improve operational safety in the workplace.

Assignment 2: Action Plan (Guide for emergency response and drills)

Currently, the DSCH emergency plan is very extensive. Due to the the level of detail, it remains a challenge to outline necessary action points and assign clear responsibilities, during emergency situations. Should you opt for this assignment, you will be tasked with developing a manual that describes how to act in cases of emergencies. This manual must outline the clear steps needed in each emergency situation. The manual should also provide a guideline to executing emergency drills. As incidents and emergencies are interconnected, the document must also feature steps to be taken in the event of an injury causing incident (electric shock, burn, open wound, etc.).

Assignment 3: Increasing Safety Awareness

The increasing of safety awareness, onsite, is a hot topic and is in high demand. For this assignment you will take on a health and safety communication role, to assist with increasing awareness on various safety topics and implementing the Damen standard at DSCH. Your core tasks will include: organizing safety campaigns, emergency drills and training courses.

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Your Profile

The right student is:

  • A Bachelor or Master student (preferably in the direction of safety and environment.);
  • Fluent in the English Language (spoken and written);
  • Proactive and assertive;
  • Capable of working well independently;
  • Competence to develop policy documents at management level;
  • Passion for offshore/shipbuilding industry is a plus;
  • Adventurous: a passion for travel and a desire to work in another country is a must;
  • Knowledge of Asia to some extent;
  • A seasoned traveler with previous experience/visits to other countries;
  • Capable of having fun and integrating with colleagues.

What do we offer?

  • A pleasant, informal working atmosphere and professional guidance;
  • A challenging, international environment where you will have a lot of freedom and responsibilities;
  • A very educational and fun internship;
  • An internship allowance (additional travel costs will also be covered).

Does this vacancy suit you? Don’t hesitate, send us your motivation and resume!

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