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Graduation Project - Impressed Current Anti Fouling System and corrosion - Damen High Speed Craft

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Quick Facts


Regularly the Damen high-speed vessels are equipped with seawater cooled propulsion engines. This cooling system exists out of a seawater inlet strainer, piping, valves, a pump, plate cooler(s), sometimes a regulation system and an overboard (mostly via the exhaust system). Due to the sea environment, marine growth might be an issue inside this system. Marine growth can block piping systems and can give an insulation layer inside the coolers, resulting in an inefficient system. Most common way to keep the marine growth away is adding copping ions, but is this working everywhere in the world and with all types of piping materials?

One of the piping materials installed in the cooling water system of our vessels is CuNiFer (Copper Nickel Iron). Adding Iron ions should extend the lifetime of this piping system. Both of above described materials can be active, passive or combined. However, different materials are giving challenges if we look at galvanic corrosion. Active anodes are giving a little current and so will do something with corrosion.

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Graduation Project Impressed Current Anti Fouling System HSC

Tasks & Responsibilities 

Your primary focus will be to investigate the existing anti fouling systems and how they should work. What materials can be combined and how do we keep our cooling water systems clean?

Research about:

  • The most common micro biologics in hot- and cold, salt- and fresh water, with and without daylight;
  • The need and risks of anti-fouling systems;
  • Corrosion prevention and life time of anodes / piping systems.

Creation of:

  • A standard way of an anti-fouling system when needed;
  • An instruction about corrosion prevention.

Several different ways of protecting cooling water systems against marine growth and corrosion gave the insight that there is space for improvement and cost savings.


The right student is:

  • Follows a HBO or WO study Mechanical Engineering / Marine Technology;
  • Is interested in biology / marine growth;
  • Is interested in material properties of metals and plastics;
  • Has knowledge about corrosion;
  • Has good communication skills. Not shied to ask questions to different type of people;
  • Has an excellent knowledge of the English language.

What do we offer?

  • A pleasant, informal working atmosphere and professional guidance;
  • A challenging, international environment where you will have a lot of freedom and responsibility;
  • A very educational and enjoyable internship;
  • An internship allowance (additional travel costs will also be covered).

Does this vacancy suit you? Don’t hesitate, send us your motivation letter and resume!

Company information

Damen Shipyards Gorinchem, headquarters of the Damen Shipyards Group, is a well-known leading international shipyard. Damen Shipyards Group operates more than 36 shipyards, repair yards and related companies worldwide with a total turnover of 1.7 billion Euro. At Damen Shipyards Gorinchem we design and build a wide range of products including tugs, workboats, naval and patrol vessels, high speed craft, dredgers, vessels for the offshore industry, ferries, pontoons and cargo vessels. Damen delivers more than 160 vessels each year. In fact, we have built more than 6,000 ships since 1969. Our clients include contractors, oil companies, port authorities, offshore companies and maritime service providers.

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