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Graduation project – Development of controller for Azimuth Stern Drive tug

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  • EN

Quick Facts

  • The Netherlands

  • Student

  • Damen Shipyards Gorinchem (Gorinchem)

  • Bachelor

  • Newbuilding

  • Marine Engineering, Electrical Engineering


Your graduation assignment is a follow up project of explorative research projects that focussed on sensor technology, control design, system identification and path planning. Goal is to connect the knowledge about robust non-linear model predictive control theory (system & control engineering) to a physical non-linear ship manoeuvring model that is valid for a wide range of sailing speeds (hydromechanics).

Our current model is optimized for lower speeds and the dependency of the manoeuvring characteristics to the sailing direction (drift angle) is limited.

Further you will look into non-standard situations: how to deal with fault detection (sensors, actuators) and follow-up processes, transitions to a fail-safe mode and running a parallel (simplified and robust) controller as back-up. The theory will be proven with simulation and implementation on a microcontroller on board of the ASD Tug model.

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Damen Shipyards Gorinchem office

Tasks & Responsibilities

  • Demonstration of application of your graduation project at the RDM campus
  • Presentation and report

The period of this graduation project is between 9 and 12 months, starting when available. You will work on your assignment at the Research & Development of Damen Shipyards in Gorinchem and at the RDM campus in Rotterdam.


  • MSc student in Systems & Control, Marine Technology or related;
  • Independent worker;
  • Curious personality;
  • Experience with the Robot Operating System is preferred;
  • Knowledge about ship manoeuvring models is preferred.

Department Information

The Research & Development (R&D) department gives support to, and collaborates very closely with, the Damen business units and sister companies in the development of an innovative product portfolio. The R&D department aspires to critically check designs and concepts and to proactively give technical advices to improve quality and performance of the products and services. In addition there is a proactive collaboration with the Business Development, the Business Units, Services and the Repair & Conversion branch of the Damen Group. The R&D department has the goal to develop knowledge in all strategically relevant technical knowledge domains and to make it accessible to the relevant stakeholders. In these technical knowledge domains, Damen wants to be among the best in the world in order to stimulate innovation based on a sound technical knowledge and to contribute to product developments throughout the Damen Group. In this role the R&D department and especially the development teams critically follow the technological developments and act independently from the business units.

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Internship Coordinator


Carola Servaas


+31 (0)183 65 57 97

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