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Quick Facts


Marine Engineering (MEGA), established in 2004, is a modern engineering company specialized in engineering for shipbuilding, mainly providing detailed engineering packages for hull, piping, arrangements and outfitting with more than 125 people working in offices spaces of abt. 1,500 sq.m., located in Galati/ Romania.

MEGA Team increased year after year - with small but firm steps - on most of the aspects: number of personnel, types of the vessels engineered, office spaces,  quality of documentation provided to our clients and internal General & Project Management procedures.

Very young engineers, coming directly from the University, together with engineers having many years of shipbuilding experience (in engineering and/or in the building yards) were growing up together year by year, step by step and improved their interaction within the project teams. Therefore we are searching for an enthusiastic person for a front-desk position, someone who likes to work and communicate with people.

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Tasks & Responsibilities

  • Performs monitoring and data collection to determine whether a project is progressing according to the budget;
  • Performs project audits;
  • Supervises compliance issues;
  • Verification and approval of project costs;
  • Monitors project performance and determines improvement areas by developing key performance indicators;
  • Creates and executes internal controls and provides external audit services and control services to the board of directors;
  • Maintains the current situation and projection of project costs and revenues in relation to IDK;
  • Provides direct financial communication with project managers, financial department;
  • Supports project management in the financial management and reporting of projects;
  • Performs analysis of the cost variance with IDK;
  • Recommends and executes corrective actions to cope with project compliance;
  • Involvement in project risk management and financial risk assessment.


Requirements regarding the qualification:

  • Bachelor Degree in Economics;
  • Advanced knowledge in English - written and verbal communication
  • Good knowledge of organizational, financial and accounting system;
  • Solid knowledge of legislation related to the financial accounting;
  • to prove good knowledge of computerized accounting management;

Skills and abilities required:

  • intelligence (logical thinking, memory, capacity or analysis and synthesis);
  • capacity of organizing and managing jobs activity;
  • ability to process information, to interpret them and to value them through decisions, by providing processed data or other
  • decision makers;
  • correctness, toughness, reliability, proper attitude in dealing with people;
  • objectivity in the assessment and analysis of the economic, financial and social responsiveness, team spirit, honest willing to cooperate.

Company Information

An essential objective of MEGA is the concern for significant and continual improvement of the quality of all its processes and services. In this respect, quality objectives are established and monitored yearly, for each department, in order to reduce the amount of non-conformities.
All the employees of MEGA - shipbuilding engineers, mechanical engineers, Team Leaders and Project Coordinators guided by the Top Management of the Company - succeeded by dedication, hardworking and joint efforts, especially during the last 5-6 years, to build a motivated, competitive and powerful Engineering Team, i.e. the MEGA Team! 

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Oana Boazu, Office Manager, MEGA


Oana Boazu

Office Manager

+40 236 448 515

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