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Marine Engineering (MEGA), established in 2004, is a modern engineering company specialized in engineering for shipbuilding, mainly providing detailed engineering packages for hull, piping, arrangements and outfitting with more than 120 people working in offices spaces of abt. 1,500 sq.m., located in Galati/ Romania.

Very young engineers, coming directly from the University, together with engineers having many years of shipbuilding experience (in engineering and/or in the building yards) were growing up together year by year, step by step and improved their interaction within the project teams. Therefore we are searching for an enthusiastic person for a front-desk position, someone who likes to work and communicate with people.

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Tasks & Responsibilities

Key accountabilities:

  • Develops & implement HR strategies, policies and initiatives aligned with the overall business strategy;
  • Drives changes in the organization in line with the key organizational & departmental objectives;
  • Monitors overall HR strategies, systems, tactics and procedures across the organization and intervene when needed;
  • Drives performance management by ensuring an optimal implementation and utilization and maintenance of the performance management system, tool and training & development of management;
  • Support current and future businesses needs through the recruitment and development;
  • Develops & implement HR policies for international operations, security and health policy;
  • Monitors the HR administration and the administration of temporary staff of the specific portfolio, this in compliance with Romanian law & regulations;
  • Ensure legal compliance throughout¬†human resource management.

Job specific competences:

  • Planning and organizing. Determining goals and priorities effectively and stipulating the time, activities and resources required to achieve the set goals, related to HR matters.
  • Organizational sensitivity. Recognizing the effects and results of one's own decisions or activities on other parts of the organization; recognizing the interests of other parts of one's organization.
  • Persuasiveness. Attempting to persuade others to adopt a certain standpoint and trying to come to agreement by making use of appropriate arguments and methods.
  • Independence. Acting on the basis of one's own convictions rather than trying to please others; going one's own way.
  • Problem analysis. Identifying problems; recognizing significant information; making connections between data; tracing possible causes of problems; investigating relevant data.

Your profile

Required knowledge / experience (max 4 years):

  • BA degree in HR management or other relevant study at M.Sc. level
  • An understanding of management principles and techniques;
  • Knowledge of HR laws and pending legislation.

Experience (max 4 years):

  • Experience in construction in production or shipbuilding or related industry
  • Experience working in complex project environments;

Other requirements (max 2 years):

  • Good command of the English language (written & verbal);
  • Availability to travel abroad.
  • Customer orientation. Investigating customer wishes and needs and acting accordingly; anticipating customer needs; giving high priority to service and customer satisfaction;
  • Teamwork. Contributing actively to a joint result or solution to a problem, even when such teamwork concerns a matter which is not of immediate personal interest;
  • Results orientation. Actively focused on achieving results and objectives; ready to take action in case of disappointing results.
  • Behavioural flexibility. Modifying one's behaviour to reach a set goal when problems or opportunities arise;
  • Quality orientation.Setting high standards regarding the quality of products and services and acting accordingly.

Company Information

An essential objective of MEGA is the concern for significant and continual improvement of the quality of all its processes and services. In this respect, quality objectives are established and monitored yearly, for each department, in order to reduce the amount of non-conformities.
All the employees of MEGA - shipbuilding engineers, mechanical engineers, Team Leaders and Project Coordinators guided by the Top Management of the Company - succeeded by dedication, hardworking and joint efforts, especially during the last 5-6 years, to build a motivated, competitive and powerful Engineering Team, i.e. the MEGA Team! 

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Oana Boazu, Office Manager, MEGA


Oana Boazu

Office Manager

+40 236 448 515

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