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16 April 2019

Symposium UNFC

This year, the UNFC study association is again organizing a symposium with its members, which takes place on Tuesday 16 April. This year's theme is "The Integration of a Maritime Innovation". The symposium deals with the integration of maritime innovations from leading companies in shipbuilding.

In this symposium, companies will substantiate why the innovations, which are being developed or have already been rolled out in practice, will or will not be continued in practice and what consequences will be involved. This is mainly about the difference between a good idea and an innovative solution.

After the symposium, a business market is present to afterwards have a pleasant and informative conversation with recruiters from companies, including Damen. Are you looking for a graduation place, internship or maybe even an employer? Stop by and collect the contact details of these maritime companies!

 Symposium UNFC

  • Lisa Weggemans Internship Coordinator

STC Group, Lloydstraat 300, Rotterdam, The Netherlands