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Young Damen

Damen Shipyards is a company with a unique character, being both a global company and a family-owned company. Level-headed, with both feet planted firmly on the ground. Innovative and reliable, hard-working, and, when the occasion calls for it, refreshingly playful. Damen is all of these things.

Young Damen

Young, enthusiastic employees connect with one another through Young Damen. For example, you can join Young Damen for a ‘Damen College Tour’ featuring our CEO, René Berkvens. Or maybe you’ll find yourself taking part in the Race of the Classics for Young Professionals, sailing on a clipper ship bound for England. Perhaps you’ll raise a glass with your colleagues at sunset during our happy hour on the roof terrace, or cross the border to see a Damen shipyard, or attend an interesting lecture given by a professional in your field.

Young Damen is there to inspire you and to help you build up a network within the Damen Group. It also provides a forum for the exchange of ideas and experiences.

Young Damen; represents a fantastic opportunity for making the most of being part of our Big Family!

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