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Damen Leadership Development

Craftsmanship, mastery and leadership lie at the heart of everything that Damen Shipyards do. We could not survive without the experienced experts, professionals, and leaders that promote our business throughout the world. We need them at every level, from experienced Sales Managers to top-level engineering Specialists and Yard Directors.

The Damen Leadership Development programme was established to help our company succeed both now and in the future.

The programme is designed for employees from all over the world who want to hold key positions in our company in the short or long term.

Damen Leadership Development is a joint programme established by Damen Shipyards together with management training company Krauthammer and Nyenrode Business University.

It focuses on the participants’ personal development, equipping them with the skills they need to become successful leaders in a growing company operating in a constantly changing world.

Damen Leadership Development helps future top-level specialists and managers further develop their leadership skills. National and international programmes allow you to develop the knowledge and capabilities that will be indispensable to you as a leader in a global company like Damen.

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Lotte van Mourik

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