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Damen General Traineeship

A traineeship at Damen is an excellent way to start a challenging and exciting career within the Damen Shipyards Group. During the course of this two-year journey you will explore your own potential and further identify your talents. We will support both your professional and personal development in order to get you ready for a future leadership position at Damen, while you discover Damen by performing in three interesting projects and roles at one of our Damen locations. Find out what you like best, challenges you the most and creates the biggest impact for Damen!


The program

The Damen traineeship is not a 'one size fits all' program. Each trainee is unique and thus every traineeship is tailored to the talents and developmental challenges of each individual. It is a two-year program and consists of three phases: 

  1. Moving in: 9 months (incl. 4-6 weeks of production work) which are about you getting to know the Damen organization while exploring a relevant field or discipline.
  2. Moving around: 9 months in which you explore an additional discipline and you will get the opportunity to participate in the Damen Leadership Development program* where you will be challenged to enhance your personal leadership skills.
  3. Moving on: 6 months to literally expand your horizon within Damen. Based on your talent profile and your personal preferences you will take up a six months project in one of our shipyards in the Netherlands or overseas that will fit your development and our organizational goals.
During your traineeship we will focus on various key competencies and skills including decisiveness, initiating improvement, taking ownership and planning & organizing. These competencies and skills are derived from the Damen Leadership profile.

During your traineeship we will focus on developing various key competencies and skills including decisiveness, initiating improvement, taking ownership and planning & organizing. These competencies and skills are derived from the Damen Leadership Profile.

*depending on start date of DLD course.

Who are you?

To be eligible for the traineeship, you have to fit the following profile:
  • You completed or are you about to complete a technical academic study (MSc) for example in Marine Technology, Offshore & Dredging or Mechanical Engineering;
  • You are entrepreneurial;
  • You are a team-player;
  • You are committed and driven;
  • You are open-minded;
  • You are willing to work in a diverse and international environment;
  • You are flexible and willing to work abroad.

Do all these things apply to you? Then we are looking for you!

What do we offer you?

We will give you the full support needed in the course of your traineeship, and an interesting and fun experience to start you career with, by offering you:

  • A customized traineeship
  • Competitive salary
  • At least 40 days of annual leave
  • Participation in our Damen Leadership Development program
  • A coach (personal development) and mentor (trusted advisor)
  • Three different roles and working environments to experience
  • Experience abroad
  • Interesting and fun extra’s (quarterly knowledge sessions/trainee diner etc.)
  • Contact with peers in Young Damen


After the traineeship

After successfully completing the traineeship, including a positive advice from your mentor, you will continue in a challenging job within the Damen Shipyards Group. The coach and mentor will assist you in finding the best suitable role, depending on your connections, ambitions and expertise and skills gained during the traineeship.

I’m enthusiastic about the Damen Traineeship, how do I apply?

Every year, there are three spots available for the Damen Traineeship. There are no fixed application dates for the traineeship, so you can apply throughout the whole year. After your application, you will go through the following steps:

  1. CV Selection
  2. Multiple interviews with HR and Business colleagues
  3. Online assessments (capability test and personality questionnaire)
  4. Pitch to, and interview with our Executive Board Member Jan-Wim Dekker


Feel free to contact Lotte van Mourik, Global Talent Manager at Damen Shipyards Group, at any time if you have any questions about the Damen Traineeship, or if you want plan an introduction meeting.

Lottevan Mourik

Global Talent Manager

Lotte van Mourik

+31 (0) 183 65 48 40

"The traineeship offers a combination of developing your technical and social skills, whilst being in an international environment in which you get a lot of freedom and responsibility. You are encouraged to explore all parts of Damen and to challenge yourself. The nice thing of the Traineeship that as you are developing, there is some room to make mistakes, if you learn from them. This enables me to develop as much as possible during my traineeship on a personal and professional level."

Sebastiaan Felius

General Trainee

"The main reasons why I have chosen the Damen General Traineeship are the leading market position of Damen, the flexibility of the Traineeship program, the entrepreneurial atmosphere of the company and the opportunities that you are given during the program. Because the Traineeship is not a one-stop shop solution, you can shape the program according to you own learning goals and pursue the most interesting new challenges. The people around me are very willing to help in getting the most out of the learning program. In my first rotation I have the function of Personal Assistant to the Managing Director of Damen Schelde Naval Shipbuilding which I find a very exciting and challenging opportunity."

Roderick Buijs

General Trainee