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We have built more than 5,000 vessels in the 85 years since Damen was founded and today we have 32 Damen yards on five continents dedicated to building new vessels.

Over that time we have developed experience and expertise in providing innovative, specialist ships serving rapidly evolving markets.

At Damen we offer our clients a complete service from design and engineering through to the actual build and then lifetime support and maintenance. We take great pride in applying our experience and skills to develop innovative vessels to meet the present and future needs of our customers, and are leaders in the development of high efficiency, low emission ships of all types.

Meeting the needs of the customer lies at the heart of what we do, as well as delivering world-class vessels, from complex naval vessels, workboats, vessels serving the offshore & wind industries to exclusive mega yachts. We also offer a technical cooperation programme that allows clients to build Damen vessels in their local yards using Damen supplied materials and with access to Damen advice.

As an innovative and forward looking organisation, Damen is a leader in the development of emerging technologies that will have a major impact on the maritime sector in the years ahead.

Our award-winning work on low-emission vessels using a variety of fuels and propulsion systems is just one example of where we have shown leadership by demonstrating that ships can be both environmentally-friendly and economically viable. Another is mobile ballast water treatment systems, where Damen has developed a range of cost-effective, scalable products and brought them to the market just as new regulations require that many thousands of additional vessels ensure that their ballast water is free of invasive creatures on discharge. Damen has also become involved in joint European research projects working on low energy vessels, tidal energy platforms, onshore dredging and more besides.

At Damen, our staff is encouraged to identify and collaborate on new and exciting opportunities that both bring new skills and insights to the work that we do, as well as opening up new lines of business. We welcome change and the challenges that it brings. Want to know more? Visit damen.com/innovation.