About us

You will be working in the HR Group team consisting of Compensation & Benefits, Global Talent Management, Learning & Development and Recruitment. This expertise center services the 7 divisions of Damen, each with unique products and services. You will report to the HR Group Director.

The role

You will be responsible for policy, process and support of 100 Damen expats around the world (long term outbound from NL) and 30 Damen nomads. Your primary objective will be to build an expertise center, review and redesign policies, advise HR BP’s in managing the assignment, ensure compliance with regards to tax obligations and social security and last but not least vendor management.

Key accountabilities

Damen generally recognizes three types of assignments for Dutch employees who are working abroad: long term commuters (+6 months), long term expats (+6 months) and development assignments. The Global Mobility Specialist will be integrally involved in all aspects of these international assignments, including international compensation, benefits, taxation, social security, immigration and relocation.

Your primary objective will be to build a strong mobility function which provides clear and consistent advice on mobility across Damen. Your focus will be on creating awareness on the risks and complexity of global mobility and on sharing knowledge with HR, management and employees. Your aim is to align processes within the Damen companies and to realize efficiency by smart vendor management. To be able to closely monitor the stages of the international assignment you will set up a global system to maintain international assignment data.

With entities in many countries, you will advise recruitment, HR and management on which contract serves an international candidate best. For so called Damen ‘nomads’ you will be HR coordinator, responsible for contract and payroll coordination. These are mobile employees that perform operational projects within the Damen Group on a global scale. Host countries may vary each year. Employing them by international payroll entities gives more continuity, security and enables Damen to build better employment relations with this particular group of employees while keeping flexibility for both parties.

Out of scope

Immigration is mainly coordinated in the business. Relocation is supported by regional teams. Long term inbound or ‘inpats’ who are coming to work in The Netherlands are coordinated by HR BP’s.


  • End-to-end coordination of assignments, including administrating and monitoring of all in- and outsourced services and activities throughout the life-cycle of an assignment (immigration, relocation, payroll coordination, incl. assisting in tax and social security topics, children’s and partner support and insurances).

  • Keeping the overview up-to-date of existing expats.

  • Calculate cost projections for international assignment compensation packages.

  • Prepare assignment contracts and corresponding compensation packages.

  • Partnering cross-departmentally to develop process and system improvements.

  • Responding to queries related to tax, immigration, and relocation raised by employees.

  • Partner with the local HR teams to resolve cases.

Main working contacts

  • HR Group Director

  • HR Business Partners and HR Advisors of divisions

  • Corporate Tax and Finance team

  • Payroll

  • Regional HR teams

  • External vendors

Skills & experience

  • Proactive, solution focused.

  • A drive to build a new specialism within the Damen Group.

  • Enough patience to get to know this complex organization, to increase knowledge about global mobility within HR and management and to resolve ‘cold cases’.

  • Strong interpersonal skills and a certain degree of cultural sensitivity.

  • Minimum of 3 years of experience in a global mobility advise role.

  • Bachelor’s degree preferable in Law, Economics, Business Administration, or similar.

  • Fluency in English and Dutch is a must.