About us

uring the ship assembly process a lot of heat is being introduced into the structure by means of manual welding. Additional heat causes deformation of the structural elements such as external plating and bulkheads. This results in a ship that can already have lower resistance to buckling and that also does not look representative to the client.

The role

The aim of the project is to investigate the possibilities to reduce the heat input by means of controlling the welding process. The potential topics to look into are:
- Welding sequence optimization;
- Alternative welding processes, such as CMT (cold metal transfer) and pulse welding;
- Welding patterns (staggered vs continuous).

Damen is in possession of a welding robot that can assist in making the demonstrators and trying out the optimization algorithms.

Additionally, in communication with the Regulation Societies a “pre-approved” welded joint discussion can be initiated, since the quality of the weld produced by a robot is constant.

Reduction of welding deformations will result in reduction of man-hours, improved quality and reduction of material costs. One of the examples is the finishing (coating) of a Damen Yachting luxury yacht, that adds a lot of extra weight, requires additional man-hours and material. By reducing the distortions on the shell of a yacht the amount of coating can be reduced, resulting in tangible capital gains.

Skills & experience

The perfect candidate is:
• A Bachelor (HBO/Academic) or Master student/graduate in Mechanical Engineering, Maritime Technology, Materials Sciences or similar
• Focused on structural design
• Interested in ships or shipbuilding
• Familiar with 2D CAD and 3D modelling (basics) and FEM.
• Capable of identifying and communicating with multiple stakeholders
• Independent, analytical and proactive.
• We are based in the Netherlands, but are an international company. So being able to speak both Dutch and English will help you navigating within the company.

What we offer

• A pleasant, informal working atmosphere and professional guidance
• A challenging, international environment where you have a lot of freedom and responsibilities;
• A very educational and fun internship with a clear goal and practical assignment;
• A role wherein you get to talk to different people and areas of expertise within the organization, both inside and outside of the Netherlands;
• An internship fee and travel allowance.


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