Welcome to your future

Supporting development

Our ability to deliver is dependent on our people. The capabilities and skills that they possess and the pride and passion they take in providing excellence in all that they do – whether it’s designing, building, repairing or selling our vessels. It is for this reason that we place such importance and take such pride in supporting the development of our people.

Stay connected

The Damen Academy is a means by which our company maintains its connection to the dynamic, ever-changing worlds of business and technology. It is our belief that a pathway of continual learning enables people to stay connected to their company, becoming attuned to new ways of working and better positioned for work in the future – what we term sustainable employability.

For these reasons, personal and professional development never stops at Damen. It is the role of the Damen Academy to support this development, strengthening you, your colleagues all over the world and thereby our company.

Personal Development

We believe that investing in your personal and professional growth is a win-win situation. With the Damen Academy as our learning platform, we strive to find a learning experience that matches your individual development needs and potential for the future.

Professional competence & expertise

Our extensive portfolio contains training programs, courses and e-learnings on topics ranging from health & safety to Microsoft Office skills and from effective communication to product knowledge. Training is usually delivered at Damen locations and/or via our digital learning environment and is delivered by subject experts who may be enthusiastic colleagues or external providers.