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Have you (almost) completed your studies and in search of a challenging start of your career? The Damen Traineeship is your chance to kickstart your career and explore the oceans of possibilities within a dynamic company!

A traineeship at Damen is an excellent way to start a challenging and exciting career within the Damen Shipyards Group. During the course of this two-year journey you will explore your own potential and further identify your talents. We will support both your professional and personal development in order to get you ready for a future key position at Damen. You will discover Damen by several rotations within our companies. Find out what you like best, challenges you the most and creates the biggest impact for Damen!

Customised traineeships

We have different traineeships, and the programmes differ between specialties. The Damen Traineeship is not a "one size fits all". Each Trainee is unique and thus every traineeship is tailored to the talents and developmental challenges of each individual.

The programme

The Damen Traineeship is a two-year programme and consists of three parts:

  • Moving in: onboarding, get to know the company including a production 'internship'

  • Moving around: several rotations within a Damen division

  • Moving on: continue your career in a challenging job within Damen.

During your traineeship we will focus on developing various key competencies and skills including decisiveness, initiating improvement, taking ownership and planning & organizing. These competencies and skills are derived from the Damen Leadership Profile.

After the traineeship

After successfully completing the traineeship, you will continue in a challenging job within Damen. We will assist you in finding the best suitable role, depending on your ambitions, expertise and skills gained during the traineeship.

What a traineeship brings you?

At the end of these two years, you will have:

  • Developed insight into your talents and qualities

  • Discovered the wonderful world of shipbuilding

  • Boosted your leadership/people skills

  • Gained the insights needed to initiate and implement change

  • Made an impact with who you are and what you do

And last but not least....found the job that makes you happy!


Feel free to send an email to recruitment@damen.com for questions and all related to traineeships.

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