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Damen Traineeship

At Damen, we offer you an exciting start of your career. From the first day you join our company, you will have the freedom and responsibility to co-design your own career.

The Damen Traineeship is designed based on the same philosophy and is an excellent way to start a challenging career within the Damen Shipyards Group. During the course of this two-year Traineeship you will further identify and explore your talents in order to find a role with the best fit for you and the biggest impact for Damen.

During this adventurous journey we will support your professional and personal development while you discover our organization performing in demanding and interesting projects and roles.

Supporting and managing the many talented individuals that we have within Damen is essential. The key is to ensure that we always have the right person in the right job. In order to reach this goal, we continually invest in your development.



In 24 months (in three rotations), you will be prepared for your career within Damen. Firstly we want to introduce you to Damen, then we want to challenge you and finally we want to make sure you know all about Damen there is to know!

  1. In the first nine months you will get to know the Damen organization while exploring a relevant field or discipline.
  2. In the second stage you will explore an additional discipline and you will get the opportunity to participate in the Damen Leadership Development program* where you will be challenged to enhance your personal leadership skills.
  3. In the last stage of your Traineeship you will literally expand your horizon within Damen. Based on your talent profile and your personal preferences you will take up a six months project in one of our shipyards in the Netherlands or overseas that will fit your development and our organizational goals.
During your traineeship we will focus on various key competencies and skills including decisiveness, initiating improvement, taking ownership and planning & organizing. These competencies and skills are derived from the Damen Leadership profile.

We will give you the full support needed in the course of your traineeship. We want to make sure you get the most out of this intensive journey by assigning you a coach (personal development) and mentor (trusted advisor).

*depending on start date of DLD course.


Have you completed a technical academic study (MSc) for example in Marine Technology, Offshore & Dredging or Mechanical Engineering and do you want to start your career at Damen Shipyards Group?

Do people describe you as entrepreneurial, a team-player, committed and driven? Do you have an open mind, and are you willing to work in a diverse and international environment? Are you flexible and mobile and do you understand that personal leadership comes from within but shows in action? Apply now for the Damen Traineeship!


The Damen Traineeship will commence in January 2018. Applications will close the 7th of December 2017. After the closing of the application period we will start the following selection process:

  1. CV Selection
  2. Multiple interviews with HR and Business colleagues
  3. Online assessments (capability test and personality questionnaire)
  4. Pitch to, and interview with our Executive Board Member Jan-Wim Dekker


Feel free to contact Lotte van Mourik, Global Talent Manager at Damen Shipyards Group, if you have any questions about the Damen Traineeship.

Lottevan Mourik

Global Talent Manager

Lotte van Mourik

+31 (0) 183 65 48 40